Getting To Know Your Target Audience

As a business, knowing your target audience is a crucial part of marketing. It is important so the content and marketing you curate is relevant to your customers.

So how do you do that?

To avoid generalized campaigns you can create highly specialized ads and content for your audience by creating buyer personas. A buyer persona is a fictionalized and general construct of your key customer groups based on data and research.

Start with reflecting on characteristics of your customers (current and future).

  • What are some of their needs, behaviors, and challenges?
  • What are some of their demographics, preferences, and goals?

Collect data using your customer database and surveys. Create a character by giving them a name, a background, and a personality.

Are buyer personas really THAT important?

Yes, they absolutely are! The purpose of these detailed personas is to clearly define who your customers are. The buyer personas help you pinpoint the needs and wants of your target audience, which in turn helps your business produce specific solutions. You can then spend time on product/content/campaign development on highly qualified prospects.

  • Build effective strategies.

Building a persona requires information that you may know but be sure to strengthen it with surveys and research. With the personas on hand, you can focus on keyword research, which help with copy for ads and content. You can also target your audience with precise ad campaigns that hit pain points or pique interest.

  • Deliver quality customer service.

Buyer personas allow you and your team to understand your customers thoroughly, anticipate needs, wants, objections, and to communicate more effectively, which will help your business to deepen its connection with your audience.

  • Know which platforms to utilize.

Detailed insight on your customers allows you to understand where they are online whether on social media or other online sites. This information enables you to know where to focus your campaign efforts, which can reduce money spent on unnecessary platforms. It also helps to know which platforms your target audience is on in order to make those initial connections.

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