Why Become An Entrepreneur?

Common Reasons Why People Become Entrepreneurs

Start off the new week with your best foot forward!

Many of us can name a thousand and one reasons to become an entrepreneur. However, there are still many out there that have not taken the jump into being their own boss and this article is for you.

If you are still doubtful about why you should join the world of entrepreneurship here are a few reasons to make you reconsider:

You Can’t Fire Me, I’m the Boss

I couldn’t (and still can’t) find any better reason to be A boss other than to be YOUR OWN boss. With that being said, I must note that being the CEO is extremely pleasant…minus the heaps of responsibilities that fall on you. A few of important duties include learning how to communicate with clients about their respective expectations and with your employees about their performance expectations as well as provide consistent feedback to both. 

Now I don’t say this to dissuade you from the challenging yet rewarding world of entrepreneurship. It is only a gentle reminder that being the chief executive officer is much more than a title. 

You Are Free to Do You

What is one thing that people can’t buy, yet always want more of? TIME. In the business world time is money and money is time. 

It is hard for the common man and woman, who works forty plus hours EACH week in order to generate an income that barely affords you what you want. With freedom to do as you please you can spend time with family and friends, travel, or even take time to focus on yourself and what makes you happy. You’re able to do absolutely whatever it is because you have the time to do it.

 I must say though, starting a business is not a small feat and requires a great deal of time from you initially. However, once it’s a well-oiled money machine you are free from the shackles of a nine to five.

Catch some more ZZZ’z 

Who really likes to hit the alarm a gazillion times before begrudgingly waking up to get ready for work? The fact of the matter is that some of us are just not morning people. The thought of having to wake up at any time before ten a.m. haunts us each night before bed.

 One of the perks of being an entrepreneur allows you to create your own schedule and operating hours. Feel free to set a late alarm or don’t set one at all…just make sure you wake up!

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